Eazy Street Location: Silsden | Website: n/a Line Up Jon Keighley (v) - also in Heatslave Mark Keighley (g) - also in Heatslave, Interstate and Tick Tick Boom! Pete Rush (g) Gordon Guest (b) John Hargreaves (d) Notes: - Finalists of the "Sony Rock and Pop Challenge 1985" national music competition in Bradford - Eazy Street have been playing the pub and small club circuit in Yorkshire and elsewhere. They also did a tour of the US military bases in Germany - Although they made some quality music and gained a significant local following, Eazy Street folded towards the end of the 1980s. Two bands formed out of this: Bon Rue and Little Earthquakes but not enough info as to who exactly played with whom and how these bands lasted (and how they sounded like) - Reunited in 2014 and played a "one-off retirement gig" on February 6th, 2015 at their hometown of Silsden. Check out some footage of this gig on the youtube channel of guitarist Pete Rush here - Some of the infos about Eazy Street as well as some photos were contributed by our friends and fellow NWOBHM aficionados of the facebook group HARD ROCK / NWOBHM DETECTIVE
Demo 1982/83 1. Quest For Glory 2. Fool For The Nightlife 3. Liar 4. Steal It
EAZY STREET - Quest For Glory   Quest For Glory 7" self-released (1984) EASY 001 1. Quest For Glory 2. Let 'em Rock *Not known to have a  picture sleeve    

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