Distrainers Location: Leicester | Website: myspace Line Up Steve Taylor (v,d) - also in Soldier Dave Lambert (g) (2005 - today) Paul Gifford (b) (2005 - today) Craig Melbourne (v) (1980-1983) Phil Hammond (v,g,b) (1977-1983, 2004-2005) - also in Burn Dave Roe (v,g) (1977-1978) Pete Bambury (g) (1978-1980) Chris O'Shaughnnessy (g) (1980-1983) Jez Allen (b) (1980-1983) Notes: - Formed in 1977 playing Punk for about a year or so - Toured throughout the UK and shared the stage with bands such as Witchfynde, Samson, Secret Affair, Urchin, Chevy, Sledgehammer and others - Changed their name to Alien for a short period of time in the early 1980s - Split up in 1983 and reunited in 2004 - Apart from the discography below it is believed that more songs exist on tape somewhere
Demo 1979 1. Dardanelles 2. Lonely For You 3. On The Rocks Again
DISTRAINERS - Say Goodbye   Say Goodbye 7" D.J. Records (1979) BECK 885 1. Say Goodbye 2. Spies In Your Eyes *Released without a picture sleeve. Pressed in either 500 or 300 copies      
DISTRAINERS - Japanned   Japanned CD EP self-released (2006) 1. Last Rat 2. Do It Tonight 3. Japanned *Recordings from 1980.    

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