Destroya Location: London | Website:  myspace Line Up Andy Gregory (v) Kieran "Tazz" Ball (g) Pete Ashley (g) Dave Dobbs (b) Rick Tiley (d) - also in Rampant Paul Playle (g) - also in Rampant Terry Lewis (g) - also in Midnight Warrior Dave Green (b) Brian Moore (b) Paul Snowden (d) - also in Beki Bondage and the Bombshells, Texas and Praying Mantis Kev Petley (d) Notes: - Hailing from East London, Destroya were good friends with many other bands of the same area like Deep Machine. At some of their gigs they did their own version of Deep Machine’s 'Demon Preacher' called 'Wicked Sinna' - There are reports that some members formed a band called 'Shanghai' or 'Shanghai Tyger' and had a 6-track rehersal/demo tape out in 1983. However, we couldn't find enough evidence to support this information. If you know something please get in touch.
Demo 1983 1. Violent Streets 2. Victims Of War 3. Stay With Me 4. Destroya
Enjoy To Destroy Demo 1995 1. Better Way 2. A Little More Each Day 3. Enjoy To Destroy 4. Now You're Going to Die
Demo 1996 1. New Age 2. Exit Wound 3. Tortured Life 4. The Oath
DESTROYA - Destroya   Destroya 12" High Roller Records (2011) HRR 167 1. Violent Streets 2. Victims Of War 3. Stay With Me 4. Destroya *Basically this is their first demo recorded in 1983. Limited to 500 copies, 350 in black and 150 in white/brown splatter vinyl    

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