Dawnwatcher Location: Keighley | Website: facebook Line Up Billy Barton (v) Craig Richardson (g) John Bootle (b) Pete Kaberry (d)  - also in  Kaboss Peter Darley (k) Mark (b) Gerald Smith (b,k) - also in  Kaboss Rob Binns (k) Notes: - A very active live band with a large following in the North East of England. - Dawnwatcher had quite a few songs but unfortunatally very few ever recorded even on tape - None of the demos mentioned below were available to the public but somehow they were circulated in the tape/CDr trading and collector circles and recently they are available via various download blogs/sites - Split in 1980 but reformed in 1982 with a new line-up that lasted for just a little time - Featured on the compilation "New Electric Warriors" (LP, Logo Records, 1980) with 'Firing On All Eight'
Demo 1978 1. A Winter's Tale 2. Bird In Flight 3. In The Wake Of Dawn
Demo 1979 1. Bird In Flight 2. Attitudes 3. Taking It Easy
DAWNWATCHER - Spellbound   Spellbound 7" self-released (1980) DWS 001 1. Spellbound 2. Hall of Mirrors        
DAWNWATCHER - Backlash   Backlash 7" self-released (1982) DWS 002 1. Backlash 2. Salvador's Dream *Originally recorded as a second single in 1980 but it was re-recorded for release with the new line-up.    
Studio Recordings 1977 -1983 1. Hall of Mirrors 2. Attitudes 3. Spellbound 4. Firing On All Eight 5. Salvador's Dream 6. Children Of The Night 7. Backlash *Possibly a "fan-made" digital compilation of recordings that floats around the internet: All four tracks from the two singles, the New Electric Warriors track plus demos. Most online resources mistakenly refer to it as "Demo 198x"

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