Damacles Location: n/a | Website: n/a Line Up Bob Miller (v) - also in British Steel and in 79 Revisited CJ Wylde (aka Carl Arnfield) (g) Danny Clarke (b) Don Threlfall (d) Paul Henley (g) Ged Rylands (g,k) Notes: - They also recorded a session for Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show on BBC Radio One - Changed their name to Nobody's Fool and released one 7" single before they called it a day - Bob Miller lives in Melbourne (Australia) and is the main man of the NWOBHM cover band 79 Revisited
DAMACLES - Burnin' White Hot   Burnin' White Hot CASSETTE EP self-released (1985) 1. Accidental Love 2. Tonite 3. Queenteezer 4. White Hot      
NOBODY'S FOOL - Rock On Radio     Nobody's Fool - Rock On Radio 7" Bad Records (1988) BAD 3 1. Rock On Radio 2. Beautiful Eyes

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