Cry Wolf Location: Worcester | Website: myspace Line Up Mark Grimmett (v) - also (as a drummer) in Raider, Black Dog, Empire and Random Access Nick Singleton (g) - also in Raider, Firebyrds, Tattoeed Love Boys and Black Dog Chris Gyngell (g) - also in Empire, Van Damme and Firebyrds Paul Robinson (b) - also in Black Dog Jon Clayton (d) - also in Soldier Of Fortune Steve Smith (b) Lyn Major (k) Notes: - Mark Grimmett is brother of Steve Grimmett (Grim Reaper etc) - Appeared on the following compilations: "Metal Maniaxe" (LP, Ebony Records, 1982) with the song 'Behind The Smile' "It's Unheard Of!" (LP, Sane Records, 1984) with 'Seventh Sister' - In 1988 Cry Wolf were featured on Tommy Vance's BBC1 Friday Rock Show with the tracks: 'Girls Like You', 'Be My Lover', 'Goodbye Forever' and 'Light Up My Fire'
CRY WOLF - Down On Love   Down On Love CASSETTE self-released 1985 1. The Last Time 2. Down on Love 3. A Crying Shame 4. Time Runs Out        
¬† CRY WOLF - Time Runs Out   Time Runs Out CASSETTE self-released 1986 1. Time Runs Out 2. Take a Chance 3. On My Own 4. Let It Go          
The Turkey Hut Demo 1987 1. Looking for Trouble 2. Secret Honeymoon 3. Girls Like You 4. Goodbye Forever 5. Too Much Love
CRY WOLF - Untouched   Untouched CASSETTE self-released 1987 1. Twelve O'clock 2. Be My Lover 3. The Gun 4. Too Much Love 5. Goodbye Forever 6. Girls Like You *Recorded at their rehersal room with added crowd noise    
CRY WOLF - The First Twelve Inches   The First Twelve Inches 12" EP Jak Records (1989) OSGW101 1. 12 O'clock 2. Nothin' To Lose 3. Stay With Me 4. Girls Like You 5. Light Up My Life      

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