Location: Essex | Website: n/a Line Up Glyn Morgan (v,g) Geoff Ford (g) Chris Mann (b) Pete Morgan (d) Paul Drinkwater (b) Notes: -Appeared on a few compilations. Here are some of the most significant: "All Hell Let Loose" (LP, Neat Records, 1983) with a different recording of 'The Fox' "Metal Inferno" (LP, Kastle Killers, 1984) with 'Green Eyes' "Metal Minded" (CD Prism, 1988) with 'The Fox' "The Flame Burns On - The Best Of Neat Records" (2CD, Sanctuary, 2002) with 'Take It Or Leave It' "Lightnin' To The Nations NWOBHM 25th Anniversary Collection" (3CD, Sanctuary, 2005) with 'Take It Or Leave It' again --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Fox

Miramar - signed

CRUCIFIXION - The Fox / Death Sentence bootleg

Phoenix - bootleg

                7" Miramar Records (1980) MIR 4 7" Phoenix Records (2004) NWOBHM7021 1. The Fox 2. Death Sentence *The Miramar issue was released without a sleeve. Some copies came with a press release and stickers *The Phoenix issue is a bootleg, comes in red vinyl and is limited to 250 hand numbered copies
Demo 1982 1. Freeway 2. Gone Fishing 3. War Slaves 4. Jailbait 5. Leaving *Recorded at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CRUCIFIXION - Take It Or Leave It     Take It Or Leave It 7" Neat Records (1982) NEAT 19 1. Take It Or Leave It 2. On The Run     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CRUCIFIXION - Green Eyes   Green Eyes 12" EP Neat Records (1984) NEAT 37 12" EP Neat Records (1984) NEAT 37 (purple vinyl) 1. Green Eyes 2. Jailbait 3. Moon Rising     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right now on ebay:

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