Cloven Hoof Location: Wolverhampton | Website: official | facebook Line Up George Call (v) (2015-present) - also in Aska, Banshee, Emerald, Violent Storm, Warrion and Omen Chris Coss (g) (2011-present) Luke Hatton (g) (2014-present) - also in Resonance, Awake by Design and solo Lee Payne (b) (1979-1990, 2000-present) Danny White (d) (2015-present) - also in Aska, Omen, Phantom-X, Sanctuary and Thorn Steve Sammon (v) (1979-1981) David Potter (v) (1981-1985) - also in H-Bomb Karl Johnson (v) (1985) Derek Hodd (v) (1985, 2010) - also in Chain Lightning, Chain Reaction, Karn-Age and Panik Attak Rob Kendrick (v) (1986-1987) Russ North (v) (1987-1990, 2004, 2006-2009, 2010-2012) - also in Tredegar Matt Moreton (v)  (2005-2006, 2010) Ash Cooper (v) (2011) - also in Silver Fracture Joe Whelan (v,g) (2011-2015) - also in Dementia Steve Rounds (g) (1979-1987) Mick Grafton (g) (1979-?) - also in Dumpy's Rusty Nuts Andy Wood (g) (1987-1990) - also in Rhabstallion, Gaskin and Tredegar Lee Jones (g) (1989-1990) - also in Blood Retch and Tredegar Andy Shortland (g) (2005-2006) Roy Chudobskyi (g) (2006) - also in Mercury Rain and Liquid Sky Ben Read (g) (2007-2010) Mick Powell (g,k) (2007 - 2010) Christian Horton (g) (2008-2009) - also in Dark Forest and Grene Knyght Kevin Pountney (d) (1979-1987) Richard Wilson (d) (1987) Jon Brown (d) (1987-1990, 2007-2010) - also in Vicious Nature Lynch Radinsky (d) (2005-2006) - also in Ер малък, Импулс, Accent and Phenomena Simon Heywood (d) (2007) - also in After the Last Sky and Animosity Mark Gould (d) (2011-2013) Jake Oseland (d) (2013-2015) Peter Baker (k) (2011-2013) Notes: - In the early days, Robert Plant helped the band by getting their first demo into BBC Radio One. Rob Halford also got it played on a radio station in Phoenix Arizona. - The track 'Nightstalker' is featured on the soundtrack of the video game "Brutal Legend" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demo 1982 1. That's The Way It Goes 2. Return Of The Passover 3. Road Of Eagles 4. A Piece Of The Action --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demo 1982 (II) 1. Stormrider 2. The Gates Of Gehenna --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOVEN HOOF - The Opening Ritüal The Opening Ritual 12" EP Elemental Music (1982) E.M 001 LP Buried By Time And Dust Records (2011) DUST019 CD Metal Nation Records (2014) MNR012 1. The Gates Of Gehenna 2. Stormrider 3. Back In The U.S.A. 4. Starship Sentinel *Stayed in the Sounds and Kerrang Metal charts for six weeks peaking at #18 *The Buried By Time And Dust Records re-issue is limited to 500 copies and includes the four tracks of the first 1982 demo as bonus: 5. That's The Way It Goes 6. Return Of The Passover 7. Road Of Eagles 8. A Piece Of The Action *CD release also includes the 4 demo tracks plus a live recording of 'Nightstalker' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOVEN HOOF - Cloven Hoof Cloven Hoof LP Neat Records (1984) NEAT 1013 LP Roadrunner Records (1984) RR 9857 LP Wax Maniax (2017) WM55035 LP Back On Black (2017) BOBV454LP CASSETTE Neat Records (1984) NEAT 1013 CD Neat Records (2002) CMRCD544 1. Cloven Hoof 2. Nightstalker 3. March Of The Damned 4. Gates Of Gehenna 5. Crack The Whip 6. Laying Down The Law 7. Return Of The Passover 8. Laying Down The Law (CD bonus track) 9. Crack The Whip (CD bonus track) 10. Road Of Eagles (CD bonus track) *Sold 24,000 copies the year of it's initial release (1984) *The Neat CD re-issue includes 3 bonus tracks recorded for The BBC Friday Rock Show on June 10, 1983 *There are three different editions of the Wax Maniax 2017 vinyl re-release all with the same catalogue number: Black, Cream and Yellow/Red swirl vinyl. The last one includes a bonus 7" vinyl with the following: 1. Northwind To Valhalla (Demo) 2. Nightstalker (Demo) *The Back On Black 2017 vinyl re-release is pressed on red vinyl and also includes the three BBC Friday Rock Show tracks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOVEN HOOF - Fighting Back Fighting Back LP Moondancer Records (1986) CH002 1. Reach For The Sky 2. The Fugitive 3. Daughter Of Darkness 4. Heavy Metal Men Of Steel 5. Raised On Rock 6. Break It Up 7. Could This Be Love? 8. Eye Of The Sun *It is not quite clear if these are indeed live recordings or just a studio recording with crowd noise added afterwards *There is also a bootleg CD with no label/year/cat# that also includes "The Opening Ritual" tracks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOVEN HOOF - Dominator Dominator LP Heavy Metal Records (1988) HMR LP 113 LP Buried By Time And Dust Records (2012) DUST 029 CASSETTE Heavy Metal Records (1988) HMR MC 113 CD (????) CH-0685 CD EM Music (2011) EM-M003 1. Rising Up 2. Nova Battlestar 3. Reach For The Sky 4. Warrior Of The Wasteland 5. The Invaders 6. Fugitive 7. Dominator 8. Road Of Eagles *Produced by Guy Bidmead (Motorhead, Cozy Powell, Whitesnake etc) *The CD with cat# CH-0685 is a bootleg. No label nor release year is mentioned and for some time it was thought to be self-released by the band. It has four bonus live tracks: 9. Reach For The Sky 10. Fugitive 11. Daughter Of Darkness 12. Heavy Metal Men Of Steel --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOVEN HOOF - A Sultan's Ransom A Sultans Ransom LP FM-Revolver Records (1989) HMR LP 129 LP FM-Revolver Records / Yeh Eum (1989) YFMPL 171 (South Korea) LP+DVD High Roller Records (2012) HRR 218 CASSETTE Heavy Metal Records (1989) HMR MC 129 CD (????) CH-0684 CD FM Records (1989) HMR XD 129 CD+DVD High Roller Records (2012) HRR 218 CD 1. Astral Rider 2. Forgotten Heroes 3. D.V.R. 4. Jekyll and Hyde 5. 1001 Nights 6. Silver Surfer 7. Notre Dame 8. Mad, Mad World 9. Highlander 10. Mistress Of The Forest *The CD with cat# CH-0684 is a bootleg. No label and no year is mentioned. It has the following bonus tracks: 11. Raised On Rock 12. Break It Up 13. Could This Be Love? 14. Eye Of The Sun *The High Roller LP+DVD edition is limited to 500 copies (350 in black vinyl and 150 in white) *The DVD was recorded live at the Lichfield Art Centre in 1989 and has the following tracks: 1. Astral Rider 2. Highlander 3. Notre Dame 4. Jekyll And Hyde 5. 1001 Nights 6. Mad, Mad World 7. Mistress Of The Forest 8. D.V.R. Bonus tracks 1. Highlander (official video) 2. Mad, Mad World (official video) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Promo 2005 1. Inquisitor 2. King For A Day 3. Absolute Power ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
CLOVEN HOOF - Eye Of The Sun

Escape Music cover

CLOVEN HOOF - Eye Of The Sun High Roller

High Roller Records cover

  Eye Of The Sun CD Escape Music (2006) ESM133 CD High Roller Records (2016) HRR 432 CD LP High Roller Records (2016) HRR 432 1. Inquisitor 2. Eye Of The Sun 3. Cyberworld 4. Kiss Of Evil 5. Eye Of The Zombie 6. Absolute Power 7. Whore Of Babylon 8. Golgotha 9. King For A Day 10. Angels In Hell *There is also a promo version CD by Escape Music on cardboard sleeve *High Roller CD limited to 500 copies *LP limited to 5000 copies: 250 in 'Easter Yellow' and 250 in black vinyl --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOVEN HOOF - The Definitive Part One The Definitive Part One CD EM Music (2008) EM-M001 2LP Metalizer Records (2010) MERE-001 1. Inquisitor 2. Nova Battlestar 3. The Gates Of Gehenna 4. Astral Rider 5. Kiss Of Evil 6. Mutilator 7. Reach For The Sky 8. Road Of Eagles 9. Return Of The Passover 10. Laying Down The Law 11. Mistress Of The Forest *The 2LP edition is limited to 500 copies (350 in black vinyl and 150 in silver splatter). It has three bonus tracks recorded live at the Keep It True festival in 2009: 12. Highlander 13. Road Of Eagles 14. Laying Down The Law --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOVEN HOOF - Throne Of Damnation   Throne Of Damnation CD EP EM Music (2010) EM-M002 1. Running Man 2. Whore Of Babylon 3. Freak Show 4. Prime Time 5. Night Stalker   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOVEN HOOF - A Sultan's Ransom - Video Archive   A Sultans Ransom - Video Archive DVD EM Music (2010) 1. Astral Rider 2. Highlander 3. Mad Mad World 4. 1001 Nights 5. Notre Dame 6. Mistress Of The Forest 7. Jekyll And Hyde 8. Highlander (official video) 9. Mad, Mad World (official video) *Recorded live at the Lichfield Arts Centre in 1989 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOVEN HOOF - Contagion   Contagion Digital download (2012) 1. Contagion *Exclusive on iTunes   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOVEN HOOF - Resist Or Serve   Resist Or Serve CD High Roller Records (2014) HRR 365 CD LP High Roller Records (2014) HRR 365 1. Call Of The Dark Ones 2. Hell Diver 3. Deliverance 4. Brimstone And Fire 5. Northwind To Valhalla 6. Mutilator 7. Anti Matter Man 8. Cycle Of Hate 9. Premature Burial 10. Austrian Assault *LP limited to 750 copies: 300 in black vinyl, 350 in mustard vinyl and 100 in green/yellow blend vinyl --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLOVEN HOOF - Who Mourns For The Morning StarWho Mourns For The Morning Star CD High Roller Records (2017) HRR 536 CD LP High Roller Records (2017) HRR 536 1. Star Rider 2. Song Of Orpheus 3. I Talk To The Dead 4. Neon Angels 5. Morning Star 6. Time To Burn 7. Mindmaster 8. Go Tell The Spartans 9. Bannockbur *LP pressing limited to 750 copies, 350 in black, 300 in transparent orange and 100 in transparent purple vinyl --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gallery: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right now on ebay:


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