Cheeky Location:Ā Leamington Spa | Website: n/a Line Up Chris Southorn (v,b) - also in Phil Canning Nick Dee (g) - also in Phil Canning Martin Hainsworth (g) - also in Phil Canning Nick Chimes (d) Mark Sippitts (d) - also in Phil Canning Notes: - Apparently, there was a 'Cheeky reunion gig' on June 29, 2012 in memory of the band's guitarist Nick Dee who passed away in 2011
CHEEKY - Don't Mess Around   Don't Mess Around 7" Woodbine St. Records (1980) WSR 005 1. Don't Mess Around 2. Get Outta Me 'Ouse *No picture sleeve - 'Get Outta Me 'Ouse' is a cover from the UK band Hustler        

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