Chasar Location: Alloa | Website: official | myspace | facebook Line Up Alex Pollock (v,g) Pete Marshall (b) Jim Marshall (d) Pete Scanlan (v) (1985-1986) Gary Danza (v) (1985) Ian Taitz (v) (1986-1988) Notes: - Chasar were featured on Tommy Vance’s Friday Rock Show on Radio One. Four tracks first broadcasted on December 10, 1982. These were: 'The Devil's Revenge', 'Vision Of Time', 'Underground' and 'Destiny' - Apart from the releases presented below, the band has a few more tracks in the form of demos, live recordings and Radio sessions - Appeared on the compilation "War On The Planet" (LP, CP Records, 1985) with the tracks 'Destiny' and 'Deceiver'
CHASAR - Chasar

CHASAR - s/t

CHASAR - Gypsy Roller

CHASAR - Gypsy Roller

                    CASSETTE self-released (1983) CH333G LP American Phonograph (1985) APK11 LP Mausoleum Records (1987) SKULL 8397 CD Mausoleum Records (????) LC8920 CD-R Trax Studio (2000) CD-R Strike Force (2010) 1. Destiny 2. Visions Of Time 3. Deceiver 4. Kings 5. Lights 6. Gypsy Roller 7. Underground *The self-released cassette was pressed in 1000 copies which were all sold out pretty quick *The Mausoleum LP is titled "Gypsy Roller" *The 2010 CD-R release is a bootleg
CHASAR - Official Bootleg   Official Bootleg CD-R Trax Studio (2001) 1. Good Times Bad Times 2. Tear It Apart 3. The Wizard 4. Thrill Of The Crime 5. Underground (live) 6. Heartache 7. Devils Revenge 8. Lost In Love *All tracks from several demos from 1982 - 1987

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