Ceffyl Pren Location: Cardiff | Website: n/a Line Up Alun Wyn Davies (v) Huw John (g) Marc Hammond (b) John Evo (k) Tim Lewis (d) Gareth Morlais (v) Stuart Tosh (g) Pete Sawyer (b) Notes: - All lyrics in Welsh. Toured the US and Canada in 1983 and 1985. They also played in Hong Kong and Bangkok in 1987 - They made a few videos and appeared several times on TV - Apart from the recordings below, several other songs should exist on tape - Ceffyl Pren means "wooden horse" and it is a traditional form of mob justice where offenders are paraded tied to a wooden frame
CEFFYL PREN - Collasant Eu Gwaed   Collasant Eu Gwaed 7" Anthem (1984) 1. Collasant Eu Gwaed 2. Rock Ar Y Radio *The song 'Rock Ar Y Radio' is actually a cover of 'Bedside Radio' by Krokus. It went to #1 in the Welsh language single chart in 1984    
CEFFYL PREN - Roc Roc Nadolig   Roc Roc Nadolig 7" Graffeg (1987) Graffeg 01 1. Roc Roc Nadolig 2. Bangkok      
CEFFYL PREN - Ennill Dros Gymru   Ennill Dros Gymru 12" Graffeg (1989) Graffeg 003 1. Ennill Dros Gymru (Gyda Cantorian Y Rhyd) 2. Ennil (Sports Mix) 3. Medal *The official theme song of the 1990 Wales Commonwealth Games Team.    

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