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Line Up
Geoff Whitbread (v,d)
Mike Whitbread (g)
David Towers (b)

John Whitbread (v)
Phil Lynch (g)
Dennis Pascowek (g)
David Godsmark (b)
Martin Griffin (b)
Steve Potter (b)
Steve Slater (b)

– ARC split around 1982. In 1998, three of the original members: Geoff Whitbread, John Whitbread, Mike Whitbread and bassist David Towers reformed under the name Red Hunter. This line-up recorded in 2001 a CD with new original songs. They split in 2003 when John Whitbread left.
– ARC reformed again as a trio in 2007 with Geoff Whitbread on drums and vocals, Mike Whitbread on lead guitar and David Towers on bass

ARC - Tribute (To Mark Hailwood)


Tribute (To Mark Hailwood)

7″ Orcrist Records (1980) ORC 1

1. Tribute (To Mark Hailwood)
2. For My Next Kick

*no picture sleeve




ARC - War Of The Ring


War Of The Ring

7″ Slipped Disc (1980) 50001 / SD 001
7″ Phoenix Records (2003) NWOBHM 7011

1. War of the Ring
2. Ice Cream Theme

*promo copies with gatefold cover and lyric sheet do exist.
*The Phoenix Records 7″ is a bootleg. Comes in blue vinyl and is limited to 250 hand-numbered copies