Amethyst Location: Stockport | Website: n/a Line Up Brad Richardson (v) (1981-1989) Wayne Kay (g) (1981-1989) Sean Clark (g) (1988-1989) Gareth Hamilton (b) (1988-1989) Dave Lyne (d) (1984-1989) John Sleigh (g) (1982-1984) Barry Sharples (g) (1984-1988) Mark Porter (b) (1988) Dave Walker (b) (1981-1988) Mark Maher (d) (1982-1984) Dave Rudge (k) (1987) Notes: -In 1986/7 the band shot 2 videos for the tracks 'Agressors' and 'Twist Of The Blade'. They were told that the videos would be put on a VHS tape with similar videos of other bands to be used as promo in order to get them gigs. This never happened and the company was later exposed on the BBC program 'That's Life' as being a scam! -Amethyst played their final gig in December 1989 at the Boars Head pub in their home town of Stockport.
Demo 1983 1. Amethyst 2. Yesterday's Dreamer 3. Let Me Take You to a Land *Recorded at Decibel Studios, Manchester.
Demo 1984 1. Queen of the Night 2. Can't You See 3. Killer 4. Into the Night *Recorded at Courtyard Studios, Stockport.
Demo:  Live 1985 1. Caught in a Dream 2. Aggressors
Demo 1986 1. Twist of the Blade 2. Aggressors *Recorded at Courtyard Studios, Stockport.
Demo 1989 1. Cast in the Fire 2. We're Back 3. We Rock You *recorded on a portable 8-track studio to be used as promo. It was not released as an official demo
Amethyst - Take Me To The Limit Take Me To The Limit 7" Lyntone (1987) LYN 18243 1. Take Me To The Limit 2. Straight Down The Line *released without a picture sleeve  
AMETHYST - The Demos 1983 - 1989 The Demos 1983 - 1989 CD-R, self-released (2012) 1. Amethyst 2. Yesterday's Dreamer 3. Let Me Take You to a Land 4. Queen of the Night 5. Can't You See 6. Killer 7. Into the Night 8. Caught in a Dream (live) 9. Aggressors (live) 10. Twist of the Blade 11. Aggressors 12. Take Me to the Limit 13. Straight Down the Line 14. Cast in the Fire 15. We're Back 16. We Rock You *All of Amethyst demo recordings released by singer Brad Richardson. Comes on CD-R with pro-printed front and back cover.

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