Amazon Live at the Marquee 1981 Location: London | Website: Lori Chacko Line Up Lori Chacko (v) - also in Joe Jackson Band, solo (as Chacko) Gerry Moffett (g) Andy Bown (b) Peter Van Hooke (d) Richard Cottle (k) Roger Adams (g) Ian Herron (b) Mike Smith (k) Mike Grigg (d) Notes: - Singer Lori Chacko also released the Hard Rock album Chacko (Polydor, 1986) which included the MTV hit 'Once Bitten, Twice¬† Shy'. The same song is also featured on the soundtrack of the movie Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AMAZON - Hypnotising You   Hypnotising You 7" Megamusic (1981) MEGA 1 1. Hypnotising You 2. Fallen Angel * "Promotional Record" Produced by Ashley Howe at John Wood Studios London W1   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gallery:

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