Alverna Gunn1 Location: Lowestoft | Website: n/a Line Up Keith Thacker (v) Mark Holmes (g) Steve Gamble (b) Paul Hale (d) - also in Bash Street Kids, Buster James Band, The Crabs Notes: - Not much is known for Alverna Gunn apart from the fact that they had a pretty strong local following supporting many bigger bands when visiting their home town. -Their legacy are the following two demo cassettes. It is yet unknown how many copies of these tapes do exist
Demo 1980 1. Death Wish 2. Lost without a Trace 3. East or West 4. You Gotta Pay to Rock n Roll *Elephant Recording Studio, Wapping, London, 1980
Demo 1982 1. Mad Dog 2. East or West 3. Once Bitten, Twice Shy

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