Alien poster

Location: Unknown | Website: youtube

Line Up
Derek Storey (v)
Ron Anderson (g)
Peter Whiskard (b)
Kenneth McKie (d)

– Alien also appeared on the following compilations:
All Hell Let Loose” (LP, Neat Records, 1983) with the track ‘Absolute Zero’
60 Minutes Plus Heavy Metal Compilation” (CASSETTE, Neat Records, 1982) with the track ‘Absolute Zero’ again. This compilation was also released on vinyl under the title “All Hell Let Loose” (Neat Records, 1983) and on CD by Teichiku Japan (1992)
The Neat Singles Collection Volume Two” (2CD, Sanctuary, 2002) with the track ‘Could Have Done Better’



One Take No Dubs

12″ Neat Records (1982) NEAT 25

1. Alien – Could Have Done Better
2. Avenger – Hot ‘n’ Heavy Express
3. Black Rose – Knocked Out
4. Hellanbach – All Systems Go (Full Scale Emergency)

*4-way split. All tracks recorded live in the studio


Apparently there is an unreleased demo tape from 1983 with the following tracks:

1. Poltergeist
2. Warm & Tight
3. Walking on Air
4. Nostalgia
5. Living in the City

More unreleased tracks should exist. On the youtube link at the top of this page you can also listen to a track called ‘Who Needs The Army’. Uploaded by Alien’s bassist Peter Whiskard.